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We at Embedded Trainer India, claim that we are trainers with a difference, the difference we make to training is to constantly work with students during their study term, educate them from basics, create a strong foundation for them in various embedded system concepts, gradually stride them through intermediate concepts and finally get them delving in advanced concept, going one step at a time, fostering a learning attitude in every student’s mind, so they begin liking their subjects of study and instil a passion in them. It is only through such rigorous learning and practice, our students scale to new heights in knowledge and become enabled and ennobled to work in industry standard projects with much familiarity.

The trainers at Embedded Trainer India are akin to a martial artist expert/monk who teaches his student every basic step and guides him through rigorous hours of training to make him a true expert, we aim to do the same, once, you complete learning at Embedded Trainer India and receive a course completion certificate, you are industry ready and will definitely pass technical interviews in an embedded software company.

For embedded software engineers who are already working, we fill their knowledge gaps, impart, hone and polish their embedded systems knowledge, to enable them to become successful in their jobs, grow in their organization in terms of work responsibilities and designation and earn respect as a solid technical member of a team.

It is our promise, from Embedded Trainer India, that we will live up to our slogan, Trainer with a difference, and, commit to bring a student to new levels of knowledge and command in subject matter.

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